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What is spray starch?

Spray starch is a concentrated liquid starch in an aerosol can that is used to stiffen fabrics. It helps when ironing natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and rayon by letting the iron glide smoothly and adding crispness to shirt collars and pleats. Spray starch can also make cutting fabric easier.

Does spray starch help get wrinkles out of clothes?

Yes, spray starch can help keep clothes wrinkle-free. It lets you achieve crisp, sharp lines when ironing stubborn collars and cuffs. When using spray starch you don’t need to use the steam function on your iron since the starch provides enough moisture to smoothly press out wrinkles.

Can spray starch help prevent stains?

Spray starch does help block stains by creating a barrier between the fabric and dirt or sweat. This causes the dirt to stick to the starch rather than the clothing fibers directly. Having the dirt bind to the starch makes stains easier to wash out. You can use spray starch on clothes prone to stains as a protective layer. Some spray starches even have special formulas designed to actively repel stains from setting into fabrics.

How does spray starch repel stains on clothing?

Spraying a layer of starch onto fabric before wear acts as a shield against dirt, sweat, and spills. The starch takes the brunt of the staining rather than the clothing fibers. You can use spray starch on shirts, table linens, canvas sneakers, and other apparel to keep them cleaner for longer. Starch spray designed for stain resistance can also chemically prevent stains from setting into the fabric itself.