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Why Do Some People Attract Mosquitoes?

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During the sweltering summer days, it seems that mosquitoes can always accurately find certain people for “intimate contact.” This phenomenon leaves many people puzzled, wondering why some individuals are more attracted to mosquitoes than others.

Firstly, we need to understand that mosquitoes do not randomly select their targets. They use a series of sensory organs to find their “prey.” Among these, carbon dioxide is an important clue. The carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body is a significant signal for mosquitoes when searching for targets. Therefore, people with faster metabolisms and those who exhale more carbon dioxide, such as pregnant women and obese individuals, are more likely to become targets of mosquitoes.

Secondly, body temperature and sweat are also crucial factors in mosquitoes’ selection of targets. The heat emitted by the human body and the lactic acid, urea, and other chemical substances in sweat all attract mosquitoes. Hence, people with higher body temperatures and those who are prone to sweating, especially after exercise, are more likely to become targets of mosquitoes.

Furthermore, clothing and perfume can also influence the choice of mosquitoes. Dark-colored clothing is more likely to attract mosquitoes because dark objects absorb more heat under sunlight, leading mosquitoes to mistakenly believe there is a “delicious” target there. Also, certain fragrances in perfumes can attract mosquitoes, making them think there are food sources like flowers.

In summary, the reasons why some people attract mosquitoes may be multifaceted. Regardless, we should all take good mosquito prevention measures, such as using mosquito incense and insect repellent, to reduce the harassment of mosquitoes and protect the health of ourselves and our families.