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Long Lasting Non Smoke Refillable Mosquito Repellent EU-PLUG Electric Mosquito Liquid Refill Liquid

It is an ideal,effective and safety product manufactured to provide efficient protection from mosquitoes for 60 nights, a silent and smokeless mosquito killer to keep you enjoy undisturbed sleep without being bitten by mosquitoes.

Direction of Use:

1.Plug in and turn on the switch ,make sure the liquid bottle upright when using, do not cover anything on the heater surface, such as curtains, bed sheets.Turn on the cap before using.

2.If the refill in bottle is used out , replace a new one when diffuser is shut off.

3.It is better to use it in the air draft and keep 2 meters away from human when using.

4.When the heater works, do not touch the heater with wet hands, don’t touch or insert any object.

5.In order to achieve the best use of results, preheat for the first use of half hour ahead.

Storage and Transportation

1.Please put in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

2.Placed in a place where children and pets can not reach.

3.Can not be mixed with food, beverage, feed, cereal or flammable materials storage and transportation.

First Aid:

1.If swallowed, do not rush out, seek medical attention immediately and show this product.

2.If the liquid is in contact with the clothes or skin, wash with soap and water immediately.

3.If the liquid is in contact with eyes,rinse immediately with plenty of water. If there are
any stimulus response, go to a doctor immediately.

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