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A Guide for Choosing, Using, and Understanding Mosquito Coils

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Mosquito coils provide an effective chemical-free way to repel mosquitoes from outdoor living spaces like patios, porches, and campsites. Mosquito coils contain natural oils like citronella that create a repellent smoke barrier when lit. Follow some tips for choosing and using coils properly:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Coils

Active ingredient – Citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oils work as repellents. Look for coils containing these. Avoid coils with synthetic pyrethroids which are insecticides.
Target pests – Some coils contain oils tailored towards repelling both mosquitoes and ticks. Choose accordingly.
Needed protection time – Small coils last around 3-4 hours while larger coils provide 8-10 hours of gradual release repellent. Pick coils able to cover time outdoors.
Exposure amount – Buy higher concentration coils if spending extended time outside at dusk when mosquitoes are worst.

Using Coils Safely and Effectively

  • Place in low breeze – Position coils in still air on porches, patios, etc. so smoke can linger. Avoid areas with high winds.
  • Separate coil – Unwrap coils gently to preserve shape and allow efficient air flow.
  • Follow directions – Carefully read and follow manufacturer’s instructions on stands and lighting.
  • Rotate placements – Vary location of lit coils to cover a wider zone and prevent mosquitoes from finding gaps.
  • Combine with sprays – Use plant-based repellent sprays on skin for added protection from bites when coils are used.

Precautions When Using Coils

  • Supervise when lit – Only use coils outdoors under adult watch to prevent fire risks. Extinguish coils before leaving area.
  • Avoid inhaling – Position coils where smoke can disperse freely to prevent inhaling concentrated fumes which may cause coughing.
  • Don’t sleep near – Take coils outside at night. Chemicals can irritate eyes and airways which disturbs sleep.
  • Beware risks – Prolonged exposure to smoke may cause breathing issues and other health problems for some individuals.
  • Mosquito coils infuse an area with mosquito-repelling plant oils to create a safe, pest-free zone. Follow usage and safety tips carefully so coils can work effectively without posing risks. With smart preventative measures, you can deter mosquitoes without the need for harsh chemicals on your skin or property.