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KEKABOO – Ironing Helper Fabric Clothes Hijab Wrinkle Removal Liquid Spray Starchd

Professional formula Spray Starch offer clothes or hijab a fast and long lasting wrinkle removal , add crispness and stiffness to keep fabric in a decent look , as well as help clothes keep clean and fresh.


Why Need To Use Spray Starch?

In our daily, we used to keep our clothes wrinkle removal with an ironing machine only, however, it could not keep your clothes wrinkle-free all day. With the help of spray starch, it could shorten the ironing time remove wrinkles fast, and keep it fresh the whole day


We are a leading factory for ironing spray starch products with a professional and mature team to help meet your needs. We look forward to working with more OEM distributors and partners and establishing long-term cooperation targets.

Your Best Supplier In China

DRAM FINE came into existence in 2004, our factory is located in Shanwei City, China’s first batch of special economic zones and our office settles in Guangzhou city to welcome people from all around the world. With a team of professionals with rich experience in techniques and sales of chemical products, we have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of household daily chemical products. Over the years, we grew steadily with the support of old and new customers from all over the world. In this process, we place the highest priority on product quality.  Our raw materials were produced from well-reputed and certified vendors of the industry. we strictly control quality at every step and constantly improve our production capacity to ensure their highest quality and long-term cooperation relationship. We are committed to giving your family products you can trust. Now we stand proud as a reliable and trusted supplier for the African market.

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