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What is the difference between a pesticide and an insecticide?

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What is a pesticide?

A general term for any chemical substance used to kill or control pests.
Can target insects, plants, fungi, rodents, and other unwanted organisms.

What is an insecticide?

A type of pesticide that specifically targets and kills insects.
Works through disrupting nervous systems, damaging exoskeletons, repelling, or other mechanisms.
Examples include snail bait, ant killer sprays, and wasp killer.
What other pesticides are there?

Herbicides target unwanted plants and weeds.
Fungicides kill fungal pests and molds.
Rodenticides target mice, rats and other rodents.

How do insecticides work?

Insecticides can be contact, stomach, or systemic poisons.
Classes include ovicides, larvicides and insect repellents.
Common repellents are DEET, picaridin, and oil of lemon eucalyptus.
When buying insecticides, check the label indicates your target pest and consider any environmental risks. Start with the least toxic options first.