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Trusted Chinese Roach Killer Wholesale Supplier in China

Located in Guangzhou, China, DREAM FINE has specialized in chinese roach killer wholesale manufacturing since 2004. Our experienced 20, 000 sqm supplier produces customized insecticides, roach gels, mosquito coils and other pest solutions utilizing advanced techniques and rigorous quality control. We make the process easy, handling materials sourcing, formula optimization, packaging design, testing, and export regulatory requirements for your private label products made in China. with over 196 combined years of staff expertise in chemicals and pesticides, DREAM FINE simplifies developing niche, high-performing wholesale chinese roach killer solutions tailored to your needs. Trust our technical know-how and global experience exporting to 30+ countries. Contact us today!

Chinese Roach Killer Products

Kills Roaches, Spiders, Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, and Other Insects with the TERRO T600 Ant Dust Powder Killer for Indoor and Outdoor Use.

Ready-to-use, two-trap Tomcat Rat Trap with Instant Grip Glue for Rats, Mice, Snakes, Cockroaches, Spiders, and Scorpions

COKIT Indoor Insect Trap: Non-Zapper Traps for Home Use, Adapter, Soft Carbon Black, Catch Flying Insect with Suction, Bug Light and Sticky Glue, Catcher & Killer for Mosquito, Gnat, Moth, and Fruit Flies

Glue Boards for Rats, Mice, Snakes, and Other Rodents by Catchmaster, Heavy Duty, 30 Rat Traps Per Pack

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (6 Pack), 2023 Newest Electronic Repeller Indoor Plug in for Ant, Spider, Mouse, Mosquito, Insects, Rodent, and Roaches, for Garage Basement Non-Toxic, 100% Safe for People and Pets

Arm & Hammer 33200-00109 Powder Laundry Detergent, Clean Burst, 9.86 lb. (Pack of 3)

Spotted Lanternfly Tree Trap - Captures Spotted Lanternflies Without Capturing Other Wildlife - Made in the USA

China OEM & ODM chinese roach killer

Tree Shield By Catchmaster Insect Barrier - Ready to Use Indoors & Outdoors, 4 Rolls, 30 Feet Each. Moth Lanternfly Giant Coverage Sticky Fly Protection Banding Wrap Glue Adhesive Non-Toxic Plant

China OEM & ODM chinese roach killer supplier

Pack of 8 SEEKBIT Natural Roach Repellent, Repels Ant, Spider, Insect, and Rodents, Keeps Roaches Out of Car, Closet, and Attic

chinese roach killer supplier

Roach Killer, Indoor Infestation Roach Killer, Indoor Home Roach Killer, Roach Traps, Roach Killer, Roach Bait, Roach Motel, Child & Pet Friendly (10 Pack)

Top Reviews

Our backyard has been overrun by them. They will not let you go outside without jumping on you. Just a few hours after it was posted, this was taken. Orders increased today. originally ordered a pack of four rolls. We've wrapped two or more passes around each of the numerous trees, spaced at least a foot apart. The next pass got them if the first one didn't. but quickly ran out. This time, I ordered the 20 pack. Well, and no, this is not a fabric lint roller, despite the fact that it looks A LOT like one. After my first four rolls ran out, I tried the lint roller. It was being crossed by a lot of lanternflies and wouldn't stick to itself. Many got away, but several were apprehended. Indeed, it was a name-brand lint roller and not one from the dollar store. This is an excellent choice until a poison targeted specifically at lanternflies is developed that doesn't harm our pollinators.

This year there is an infestation of very damaging voles. Two years ago, we purchased a box of glue boards with the intention of trapping rattlesnakes, but the attempt was unsuccessful due to the rapid deterioration of the boards from filth and dust. We therefore decided to test them out on the voles. To secure the boards in the ground near the vole tracks, we divided them into quarters and nailed through the non-glue edge. We got more than 100 in less than two days and 175 in five days. The adhesive is even stickier in the second box we ordered, which arrived today (perhaps because it hasn't had time to dry out). We caught 41 this evening in less than 1.5 hours. Three voles were present in several of the quarter pieces. Although we are quite pleased with how effectively they function, there are certain restrictions. We found that they work best for about a day, and that dirt, dust, grass, and weeds may quickly destroy the adhesive surface when we use them outside. Water will also erode the adhesive surface and backing paper (all of our traps are in little rock gardens). This work is to p

These have been really helpful; I've had a rat problem for a few months. They must have been a family because I used these traps to virtually eradicate them in a day. They had become more cunning and were removing food from traps without setting them off. When I heard it in the other room after setting these out, I killed it right away and threw it away. After 30 minutes, I did the same thing with another. I had numerous younger ones that I had caught a few days earlier, along with two adults and what appeared to be a "older teen". When I removed a bathtub, I discovered that a house flipper or plumber had left an open vent pipe, so I set up a glue-trap zone. The young ones sprinted out of the pipe and into the traps, where they caught two and one. I took care to position the traps such that if any rodents spotted them laying there resisting the adhesive and tried to climb up and escape the horizontal pipe, they would be captured. Obtain a bigger one. After a couple more, it ended that evening. After covering the pipe with wire mesh, numerous bead traps and glue traps were removed from the chamber.

People May Ask

What Deters Cockroaches at Night?

Keep food and moisture out of your sleeping space. Eliminate clutter. Empty your trash on a regular basis. Ensure that all outside apertures, notably windows and doors, are properly sealed.

Cockroaches-Can You Ever Truly Get Rid of Them?

The best way to permanently get rid of cockroaches is to get rid of whatever it was that initially drew them in. The only things needed are good housekeeping and kitchen cleaning. Keep the trash sealed or empty it frequently.

What Distinguishes An Oriental Cockroach from A Regular Cockroach?

The wings on American cockroaches cover their entire backs and they are much larger. On the other hand, the wings of male Oriental cockroaches only reach halfway down their backs. While their American counterparts prefer both food and water equally, Asian cockroaches are more attracted to water.

What Is The Most Effective Cockroach Poison?

The Seven-Beta-Roach Killer
Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, manufactured by Yngenta 383920.RAID Ant and Roach Killer. Rockwell Lab Invict Gold Cockroach Gel.Black Flag Roach Motel In ect Trap, Ortho 0196410 Home Defen e MAX In ect Killer Pray (Our Top Pick).HARRI Roach and Silverfish Killer with Boric Acid.Roach-killing bait for combat.

Do Oriental Cockroaches Bite When Provoked?

Although they are not aggressive, Oriental cockroaches can be dangerous to humans. They migrate and reside in restrooms, ewers, drains, and waste tanks, where they accumulate a variety of human pathogens, germs, and parasites on their body and legs.

Do Roaches Get Killed by Table Alt?

Cockroaches are not killed by'alt!They are repelled by it.

How Can I Permanently Repel Roaches?

Use these easy techniques to prevent roaches from entering your home in the first place:(br)Organize the home. First things first: get rid of everything that might serve as a roach magnet.Consider Food Storage Seriously.Spotless Kitchen Appliances.Get Rid of Cardboard boxes and Newspapers.Cover all gaps and points of entry.Fix Leaks as soon as possible.Mar. 3, 2023

What Kills Oriental Cockroaches The Best?

We advise using a barrier treatment of Supreme IT Insecticide and Ficam Insect Bait outside across your yard and perimeter to get rid of oriental cockroaches. Use Ficam Insect Bait and Apex Cockroach Gel Bait together inside.

What Roach Killers Work The Best?

our choice. Multi-Surface Roach Baits Terro T500. Finest roach exterminator. Runner-up. Advion 68663 Arena Cockroach Bait. Comparable but more difficult to locate. amazing as well. Max Roach Killing Gel in combat. a more concentrated gel. amazing as well. Powder for roach bait, Terro T530. For more severe infestations, a powder.

Roaches Are Killed by Chinese Chalk?

Insecticides with names like Beautiful Baby Chalk, Chinese Chalk, or Miraculous Chalk resemble regular chalk but are designed to be used indoors to kill small insects like ants and cockroaches. Often, the constituents in chalk are a mystery.