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Guangdong Dream Fine Daily Chemical Co.Ltd - China's Premier Non Toxic Insecticide Household Manufacturer

For over 18 years, DREAM FINE has been an innovative household pesticide supplier located in Guangzhou, China. Our supplier offers full customization capabilities for brands seeking specialty chemicals and formulas produced in China. Our experienced R&D team can collaborate directly with your technicians to tailor products meeting efficacy and safety requirements. We handle testing, packaging design, sourcing high-quality materials, precision manufacturing on our automated lines, and export support. with proven expertise across pest categories, DREAM FINE simplifies developing niche mosquito, roach and non toxic insecticide solutions that strengthen your brand identity. Launch your private label products globally with confidence – contact DREAM FINE today to get started!

Non Toxic Insecticide Products

Fly Catcher Killer for Farm/Orchard, 6 Pack Ranch Fly Trap Outdoors, Reusable Fly Traps Outdoor Hanging Cages

Safe, non-toxic, insecticide- and odor-free, pheromone-attractant Q-Traps pantry moth traps for common kitchen moths (6 traps)

Non-Toxic Reusable Hornet Traps Wasp Killer with Light Trapping Wasp,Hornet,Bee 2 Pack (Orange), Yellow Jacket Trap, Solar Wasp Repellent Carpenter Bee for Outside

Best Fly Catcher for Outdoor Home and Commercial Use: Flies Be Gone Outdoor Fly Trap with Reusable Container, Patent Pending Screw Lid, Suspension Strap, and 2 Non-Toxic Poison Fly Container Packs

GreenWay Fruit Fly Trap (2 Bottles): Natural Liquid Attractant in Ready-to-Use Bottles that Are Safe, Non-Toxic, and Odorless, as Well as Child and Pet Safe

【ADVANTAGE OF PACKAGE】/ Detects and controls indoor flea prolems. The flea trap includes 1 trap, 4 Sticky Pads and 2 trap uls, with refills readily availale. Detects and controls indoor flea prolems 【EASY TO USE】/ Simply insert a glue-oard and install a

Pheromone-equipped Redeo Pantry Moth Traps Kitchen Food, Cupboard, and Meal Moth Safe and Non-Toxic Sticky Glue Trap Without Insecticides for the House: Pantry Moth Killer (12)

China OEM & ODM non toxic insecticide

GreenWay Spider & Silverfish Trap, 6 prebaited Traps, Ready to Use, Heavy Duty Glue, Safe, Non-Toxic, No Odor, Eco Friendly, Kid and Pet Safe

China OEM & ODM non toxic insecticide supplier

Fruit Fly Trap | Natural Liquid Attractant | Ready to Use Bottles | Safe, Non-Toxic, No Odor, Eco Friendly, Kid and Pet Safe | GreenWay Fruit Fly Trap (24 Bottles)...

non toxic insecticide supplier

Careland 2 Pcs Solar Deer Repellent Outdoor Animal Cat Repellent Device Repel Cats Dogs Deers Raccoon Skunk Waterproof

Top Reviews

Recently, one of my cats decided he wanted to hang out on my computer table, taking up the space between the keyboard and the monitor. Nothing I've done has stopped him. I finally gave employing some fly paper a shot out of desperation. I removed the sticky coating off the strip and arranged two of the strips lengthwise in the space the cat had been using. Since blue painters tape doesn't leave residue on tables, I used strips of it to secure it in place. As expected, he sprung forward and placed his little, hairy butt directly on the adhesive paper. He stood up right away, trailing some fur. He had to test it with his paw after that because he was a typical inquisitive cat, and he left a little more fur behind. This substance acts as a deterrent since it is unpleasant, but it is not harmful and won't harm the cat. I can use only a strip of clear plastic and eventually, as he gets used to this stuff, he will avoid the area. He has several pleasant places to choose from, so he is not lacking anything.

No matter how quickly doors are closed when a season changes, tiny, flying creatures like gnats still manage to slip inside. I've discovered that using this kind of trap is the only method to control them till they go extinct. They were a name brand that I can't remember right now, but it worked well the first time I used them. The following year, black flag with the same design was discovered; it was used with success. then our neighborhood large box retailer quit carrying them last year? Thank goodness I discovered them on Amazon. I had to use a different brand name back then, but last month when looking, I discovered these. It functions exactly the same as it does with all the others. a...

I originally gave these traps a bad rating, but I later realized I wanted to edit and convert that to a good review. However, I was unable to locate the initial evaluation, so I will regard this as brand-new. The first time I bought the traps and used them according to the directions, there were no moths caught for approximately a month. I finally put away a few traps because I was just manually swatting them at that point. But I missed a few and then took a six-week vacation. The two remaining traps had a large number of moths when I got back and looked at them. They were productive while I was away, which I appreciated. I have no idea why it took so long, but they undoubtedly succeeded in the end.

People May Ask

Are Pesticides Poisonous?

To protect crops from insects, weeds, fungi, and other pests, pesticides are used. Depending on the dosage and the manner in which a person is exposed, pesticides have the potential to be hazardous to humans and can have both short-term and long-term health effects.

Do All Pesticides Pose A Serious Risk to Humans?

Numerous pesticides pose a risk to people. However, in most cases, humans are only likely to be exposed to a very little amount of pesticide-amounts that are too small to pose a risk. One must take into account both the toxicity or danger of the pesticide and the likelihood of exposure when calculating risk.

I'M 100% Pesticide-Free Organic?

The final fact is that even organically grown fruit and vegetables could contain pesticides. The reality is that, in certain cases, crops grown organically could have been treated with numerous pesticides and sprays before they reached the store shelves.

What Kind of Pesticide Is The Most Toxic?

Atrazine, Flupyradifurone, Hexachlorobenzene, Glyphoate, Methomyl, and Rotenone are some of the most harmful pesticides.

What Distinguishes Insecticide from Pesticide?

A pesticide is a chemical that can be used to destroy germs, fungi, insects, plants, etc. Death can happen right away or take a while depending on the chemical work done by ingestion or contact. An insecticide was used to kill in ects in a targeted manner.

Which Insecticide Is Environmentally Friendly?

Pray with garlic waterAs a result of its strong flavor, garlic water makes a fantastic environmentally friendly and non-toxic insecticide. In particular, the trong mell of garlic has been observed to repel Aphid, Ant, Beetle, Caterpillar, Termite, and Whitefly.

What Pesticide Is This?

Be nontoxic in insecticide for both indoor and outdoor use after purchasing Brand Neem Oil Concentrate....10 lb. of Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade...20-Pack of Trapro Dual-Ided Yellow Ticky Traps.Beneficial Nematode from Nature GoodGuy.1,500 bottles of Bug ale Live Ladybug.... Dr. Bug Ale Praying Manti Egg Case With Hatching Habitat Cup.One more thing...

Which Non-Toxic Substance Is Best?

Our top picks include Ranger Ready's Picaridin 20%, Kinfield Golden Hour, and EiR tay Away Pray. The effective natural bug repellent from the e brand, which also includes citronella, lemongrass, clove, soybean, cedar, and picardin oils!

Which Insecticide Is The Most Harmful to People?

There are many benefits to using oil and soap for ecticidal purposes. They are almost entirely non-toxic to humans and other mammals and relatively safe to have a positive impact on the land.

What Pesticides Are Non-Toxic?

Organic pesticides are typically derived from natural elements that can be used to manage pests. These comprise nutrients obtained from plants, minerals, and microorganisms. Although many organic pesticides are less harmful than their synthetic counterparts, this does not necessarily indicate that they are safe or won't harm the environment.