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For over 18+ years, Guangdong DREAM FINE Daily Chemical Co.Ltd has been an innovative China wholesale/wholesale pesticide producer supplying quality insecticides and formulas to partners worldwide. Our experienced Guangzhou factory & manufacturer offers full customization capabilities for brands seeking specialty chemicals produced in China. with proven R&D and stringent manufacturing expertise, DREAM FINE simplifies creating niche pest products carrying your logo and meeting your efficacy needs. We deliver custom mosquito, roach and bedbugs killer products solutions that strengthen your brand`s reputation. Contact us today to develop premier wholesale pesticides!

Bedbugs Killer Products Products

Glue traps that keep flying insects away: SEEKBIT 20-piece set of sticky window fly traps for the home, clear bug killer indoors, fly catcher sticky trap for gnats, ladybugs, and houseflies

Harris Natural Spider Glue Traps, 2-Pack, with Lure

PetraTools Electric ULV Fogger 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer and ULV500 Max Professional Surface Cleaner 1 Gallon

Insect Lamp Catcher with Flea Trap Refill & Replacement Bulbs for Bedbug Moth Mosquito Fly Ant Cockroach, 2 Pack Electric Retractable Sticky Dome Flea Killer, and Flea Traps for Inside Your Home with Light

Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait, 4 (30 gram) Tubes

Weed killers, herbicides, and insecticides 2-gallon sprayer for MGK 1852 Crossfire Concentrate 13oz Insecticide, 13 oz, Clear, and Smith Contractor 190216

Extra Large, White, Bedbug Monitor, Insect Detector for Bed Legs or Furniture, Zulu Supply XL Bed Bug Interceptors, Traps, 4 Pack

400ml Bayer Temprid FX

Bed Bug Trap – 8 Pack | Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Traps for Bed Legs | dependable insect detector, interceptor, and monitor for pest control and treatment | TruGuard X Bed Bug Interceptors (Black)

Powerful Mosquitoes Trap Lamp & Fly Killer with 3-Layer Safety Mesh for Home, Bedroom, Kitchen, Patio(1 Pack), Electric Fly Swatter Racket, Mosiller 2 in 1 Smart Bug Zapper with USB Rechargeable Base

Top Reviews

S. S.

I use this product to eradicate fleas that have made their way into my house. Despite the failure of two other flea bombs, this product is working. It's working, so I got extra adhesive strips. Within the first 24 hours, one light bulb did burn out, but the product had shipped more.


Acquire fleas as promised can serve as a temporary fix. However, the included lightbulb will only last for three days.

Women of letters

I used this to get rid of gnats in a circumstance I had in two days.

People May Ask

Are Bed Bugs Ever Eradicated?

You can't rely on bed bugs to disappear by themselves. Theoretically, they are able to. In actuality, they don't until a number of extremely certain conditions are met. Professional bed bug treatment is your best option.

What Quickly Destroys Bed Bugs And Their Eggs?

Bed bugs are instantly destroyed by the high temperature of steam, which is 212°F (100°C). Steam should be applied gradually to mattress folds and tufts, sofa seams, bed frames, and any corners or edges where bed bugs might be hiding. Steam can harm certain finishes, so exercise caution and keep it away from electrical sources.

What Destroys The Eggs And Bed Bugs?

What Destroys the Eggs and Bed Bugs?(br>Pesticides: Including neonicotinoids and pyrethroids.(br>Diatomaceous earth is one example of a natural insecticide.(br>Heat Treatments: Like steam washing.Treatments using cold: Subzero temperatures can also be beneficial.

What Kind of Spray Can I Use on My Bed to Deter Bedbugs?

The following are a few scents that are frequently thought to ward off bed bugs:(br>Lavender. Known for its relaxing effects, lavender is a popular smell.Mint pepper. Another smell that is thought to keep bed bugs away is peppermint.Essential Oil of Tea Tree.Eucalyptus and CitronellaSpices like cinnamon.Mint leaves.Thyme.Additional things...

Can I Handle Bed Bugs on My Own?

Because bedbugs can be difficult to spot and may be resistant to various insecticides, getting rid of them on your own is exceedingly tough. Although there are some DIY methods you can attempt, it's unlikely that these can entirely eradicate bedbugs.

Is It Feasible to Eradicate Bed Bugs Completely?

The only way to completely eradicate bed bugs from your home-and many people have succeeded in doing so-is to contact a local exterminator and have them assess the extent of the problem. There will be some labor for you to do, specifically vacuuming and laundry.

Which Bed Bug Killer Is The Best?

Our top choice among the bed bug products that we looked into and evaluated is Bedlam Plus. For pest control firms looking for a non-staining, water-safe solution to remove bed bugs, this is the "go-to" spray.

How Can I Permanently Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

The Top 10 Ways to Permanently Get Rid of Bed Bugs(br>Keep An Eye Out For The Initial Infestation Symptoms.Clean every piece of clothing.(br>Give your mattress a thorough cleaning.(br>Patch Up Wall Holes.Clear Out Your House.(br>Cover Anything That Can't Be Clean.Clean with steam frequently.(br>Locate a Barrie pest control service.Additional things...

What Rapidly Eradicates Bedbugs?

What Instantly Kills Bed Bugs? (The Whole Handbook for 2023)Diatomaceous Earth (DE) with Diluted Rubbing AlcoholVinegar.Tea Tree Oil.Heat, Lavender Oil, and Silica GelPaint Thinner.Additional things...

Which Product Works The Best in Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?

Use pesticides designated for beds if you choose not to use bed bug liners or encasements. These pesticides, which work well to eradicate bed bugs, include Temprid FX, Bedlam Plus Aerosol, Cimexa Dust, Steri-Fab, and Crossfire Insecticide.