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Widely recognized as an esteemed China-based world-class supplier, DREAM FINE boasts over 18+ years of experience and an advanced production facility strategically located in Guangdong to supply superb quality detergent powder household products to global markets, adopting innovative technologies and techniques perfected by our team of technical experts.

People May Ask

Is liquid detergent preferable to powder?

Detergent in powder form has a longer shelf life.Compared to its competitors, powder cleaning agents are more stable and retain their cleaning effectiveness for a longer period of time. When combined with water, liquid cleaning chemicals become weaker. Powder detergent is a great option if you prefer to buy in large quantities.

Why don't people use detergent in powder form?

If powdered detergents don't dissolve completely, residue may also be left behind. When used with cold or hard water, this can result in white stains on your clothing or accumulation in the drain of your washing machine.

Is it acceptable to use powdered detergent in a washing machine?

Detergent is important. Washing involves more than just turning on the machine and choosing the appropriate cycle. Can you use hand washing powder in a washing machine with your preferred laundry detergent? No, is the response.

Why do people use detergent in powder form?

Powder detergent is a wonderful option for picky mud, dirt, and clay stains (think children's clothing or sports uniforms) because it contains cleansing agents that some liquid detergents don't. If powder is all you have on hand, you can also pre-treat; simply add water to create a paste.

Why is detergent powder so inexpensive?

Another crucial point to remember is that liquid detergent is frequently more expensive than powder detergent. Powder laundry detergent is much lighter and costs much less to carry because it doesn't contain any water. It can therefore be sold for less money.

Why is powdered detergent not more widely used?

If powdered detergents don't dissolve completely, residue may also be left behind. When used with cold or hard water, this can result in white stains on your clothing or accumulation in the drain of your washing machine.

How is detergent powder used?

Use instructions for powdered detergent Put it right into the compartment drawer of your washing machine; to find out which compartment to use, refer to your machine's instructions.
To help the powder dissolve more quickly, put it in a mesh bag and place the bag right within the drum.

Do you use detergent powder anywhere?

In a front-load washer, powder detergent is an option; however, you'll add it straight to the drum rather than the detergent dispenser. Using powder detergent, pre-treating stains is possible but requires a little more work. Wet the stain, then create a paste by combining water and powdered detergent.

Are detergent and liquid soap the same thing?

Nowadays, detergents are used for washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and a variety of other cleaning tasks. Natural ingredients like plant oils (coconut, vegetable, palm, and pine) or acids generated from animal fat are used to make soaps. Contrarily, detergents are artificial, synthetic compounds.

What distinguishes soap powder from detergent powder?

Soaps are formed from fats or oils mixed with sodium or potassium hydroxide, whereas detergents are made from synthetic chemicals. This is the main distinction between soaps and detergents. Apart from that, the components in powder and liquid laundry detergents are nearly identical.

Detergent Powder Products

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108 HE Loads of Biokleen Natural Laundry Detergent - Powder, Concentrated, Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Plant-Based, Free of Artificial Fragrance, Colors, or Preservatives, Premium Plus

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Esembly Washing Powder, Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent, Fragrance-Free, Eco-Friendly, 2-pack bundle

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Laundry stain remover for clothes, 3 lbs. OxiClean Dark Protect Laundry Booster

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Pre-measured Synergetic Laundry Detergent Powder Packets | Safe for Baby & Sensitive Skin | Natural Plant-Based Ingredients | Fragrance & Dye Free | High-Performance | 50 Loads

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Synergetic Laundry Detergent Powder Packets | Pre-Measured | Perfect for Travel | Safe for Baby & Sensitive Skin | Natural Plant-Based Ingredients | Fragrance & Dye Free | High-Performance | 50 Loads

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Liquid laundry detergent, 77 loads, 100.5 fl oz, Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Clean Meadow

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Crisp Clean Powder Laundry Detergent, 18lb Pail, and OxiClean Odor Blasters Odor & Stain Remover Powder, Laundry Odor Eliminator, 5 Lbs from Arm & Hammer

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105 Loads of Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Plus Fresh Fragrance Liquid Laundry Detergent, 105 Fluid Ounces

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Arm & Hammer Baby, 100.5 fl oz, 77 loads of liquid laundry detergent

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CULTURE Liquid Fabric Softener, Effective Formula based on Plants and Minerals, Free of Cruelty and Vegan, 40 Loads, 33.8 Fl Oz.

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☕ Creative Coffee ☕

In my opinion, powder detergent should be seriously considered, particularly if you have a high-efficiency washing machine. I had to try this OXI kind of powder detergent after using the Ariel Original, which is now my favorite for regular clothes. Deep fill is an option on my HE Maytag top loader. Deep fill requires more water and detergent each load than I used to. I mostly did this because the standard HE option was not providing my child's, dog's, or husband's clothes with a really thorough clean. Stop Now! With the HE option, this detergent provides me with an impeccable deep clean! Sportswear is my worst enemy when it comes to laundry, especially my Athleta gear and my husband's BJJ gi. These are pricey items that are unsuitable for bleach or strong detergents. For these products, I've utilized detergents from a variety of brands. I attempted almost every treatment and cure there was to remove sweat stains and odors off the gi, but nothing worked. I tested this Ariel with Ultra Oxi powder after getting excellent results with Original Ariel powder. Imagine my astonishment when it


This powdered synergistic natural laundry detergent is amazing. This powder detergent is safe for your septic system, unlike many others. I also really enjoy the packets for my purpose. When I've used up approximately half of the face-sized steamed microfiber towels that are always on hand thanks to a towel warmer, I like to launder the ones that have been used. I only wash 20 to 25 towels at a time, and instead of throwing that little number in the washing machine, I wash them by hand in a bucket with water and detergent. The little towels are excellent for hand washing with these laundry packs. To get them nice and clean, only approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the package is needed. Every time, I give them a quick scrub and swishing, let them soak for a little, and then give them another scrub and a few rinses. To make my bras last longer, I also wash my underwear and bras in the same manner. It's really appreciated that the detergent performs a terrific job of leaving things nice and clean without adding any scent.

Kitten Kisser ????

I don't use fabric softener, so I've washed multiple loads with this detergent and then rinsed them with vinegar. Every laundry load has been crisp and clean when finished. I use my solar clothes drier, also known as a clothes line, for drying and only wash in cold water. I am an eco-farmer by profession. To suggest that clothes get soiled would be an understatement. This has numerous tiny certifications to support its eco-friendliness and ability to clean garments. That makes me happy very well. In reference to the little individual packets. Not plastic, but paper. But the exterior is shiny. I added the used packets to my pile of trash. I give my birds dust baths with this ash. They adore it and it keeps mites at bay. The sachets were not packaged in a plastic box. It is a box made of card. When it is empty, it will make the same trip to the fire pile. I have really sensitive skin, and I even get eczema in my ears, which castor oil really helps with. This detergent hasn't created any problems yet. The fabrics don't feel greasy or like there's residue on them.

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