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China wholesale mosquito killer stick factory manufacturer supplier

With a long-standing track record of over 18+ years as a trusted mosquito killer stick OEM & ODM factory & manufacturer,DREAM FINE provides comprehensive manufacturing capabilities for affordable and effective household chemicals. Our large-scale factory spans 20, 000 sqm in Guangdong, China, where our advanced production lines enable an annual output of 1 million insecticide spray cartons and 500, 000 mosquito coil cartons. Our experienced team of 200 workers adheres to rigorous quality control standards for every customized solution. We have extensive experience exporting quality products to over 30 countries globally across regions like Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Our reliable and innovative products demonstrate our continuing commitment to leading technology, customer satisfaction, and delivering value.

People May Ask

Do tick repellant moquitos actually work?

A repellent, such as mo quito coil, discourages mo quitoe from congregating but does not harm them or their larvae. Repellants only serve as a deterrent and cannot ensure complete protection for your outdoor activities.

Are moquitoes eradicating tick-borne encephalitis?

Different chemicals and pesticides are used in various incentivized ticks. Since the illegal incen e tick is filled with chemicals and pesticides, they kill more mosquitoes, but their effects on humans are just as severe.

What negative effects are caused by the mo quito tick?

Utilizing more Quito Coil has several benefits, one of which is that it has a positive impact on the respiratory system. Allethrin and pyrethrin, which can irritate the eyes, throat, and nose, are present in the smoke released from the electric coil.

Is there a tick repellent in Quito?

Studies from around the globe particularly in India have shown that using insect repellant to ward off ticks and mosquitoes, which is a common practice there, can have negative health effects.

What is the best way to eliminate mosquitoes?

Some common techniques to remove mole around the house organically include the following:Coffee grounds on fire.Lighting a lavender-scented candle.leaving a plate of clove or lemon that has been licked all about the house.escaping the Moquito trap, as well as praying with essential oils like lavender, lemon, or eucalyptus.

Are citronella essential oils safe?

Concern over the adverse health effects associated with the indoor burning of moquito coil and ticks is on the rise. The insecticide products used are typically regarded as safe, but the greatest risk comes from the particle matter created by a mouldering moquito coil.

How much time does mo quito burn?

Living system Each coil of the Mo Quito Coil has a maximum burn time of 6.5 hours and contains 0.036% prallethrin. Ten coils and two stands are included in each set. The main benefit of mo quito coils is that you can kill or repel mo quitoe without needing to apply anything to your family members.

Is smoking mo quito coil cigarettes dangerous?

Chemicals that are known to cause repiratory distress are present in the smoke released from the moquito coil. Additionally, prolonged exposure to smoke from smoke repellent might exacerbate COPD and result in respiratory collapse. Is it more dangerous than tobacco use? It is dangerous to smoke around people who use mo quito coils.

What makes you tick, Ue Mo Quito?

Burn the tick low to the ground for best results to shield your ankle and feet. then allow theMore

I breathe in the repellant from Quito?

Because it is dispersed over such a broad area and the concentration is so variable, Mo Quito prays for human health. However, if used improperly, moquito prayer might result in symptoms like a headache, respiratory failure, nauseousness, and allergies.

Mosquito Killer Stick Products

Wholesale mosquito killer stick supplier

Natural Mosquito Killer and Insect Repellent Mosquito Magician Concentrate - Makes 32 Gallons of Spray for Your Yard and Patio - 1 Gallon

Wholesale mosquito killer stick factory

Mosquito Incense Sticks Made with Natural Ingredients & DEET Free Safe for Humans and Pets, 18 PCS Mosquito Repellent Outdoor Patio, Citronella Incense Sticks for Garden Fishing Camping Yard Lawn

China mosquito killer stick supplier

Mosquito Zappers Killer Power Grid Fly Zapper, Insect Fly Traps, 40W Electric Bug Zapper for Indoor and Outdoor Mosquito Light Bulb for Backyard and Patio with Electric Shock Catcher

China mosquito killer stick

SEEKBIT Outdoor Natural Citronella Incense Sticks Bug Fly Repellent for Outdoor Yard Patio Picnic, Non Toxic DEET Free, Effective Mosquito Repellent, 120 Pack

China mosquito killer stick factory

50 Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks per Box, Patio Repellent / Natural Ingredients DEET-free natural mosquito repellent made with citronella oil, lemongrass oil, and other natural ingredients

Wholesale mosquito killer stick manufacturer

Fruit Fly Trap Plants 1000 Sticky Traps Bulk Flea Fly Stickers, Killer Fungus Gnat Yellow Sticky Trap Houseplants Sticks that Attract Mosquitoes for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

mosquito killer stick supplier

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes for Yards; Prevents Ticks from Invading Backyards and Properties; No granules, no spray, and no mess Alternative to Tick Repellent and Tick Spray that is Environmentally Friendly

mosquito killer stick factory

Cuckol bait ready to use, kills all cockroaches including the German one, odorless, safe use for people and pets, natural attractants placed in kitchen and home furniture, long time without cockroaches

Wholesale mosquito killer stick

Wondercide Ready to Use Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Yard Spray with Natural Essential Oils is a plant-based insecticide that is safe to use around children, pets, and plants.

China mosquito killer stick manufacturer

DEET-free and providing 40 to 50 minutes of protection, the Mosland Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks, 50 PCS Mini Citronella Mosquito Bug Repellent Incense Stick for Outdoor use

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Indoor Multi Insect Killing Fast Mosquito Killer Anti Bed Bugs Aerosol Spray Insecticide Spray

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Whay Choose Us 1.Direct manufacturer, no middlemen to make the difference. 2.Rich experience in customizing customer’s private brand product under quality assurance service and keep long term cooperation over 10 years. 3.Good After-sales service. FAQ Q1. What is your terms of packing? A: Generally, we pack it with shrink wrap in tray box or white…

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Biralde - Traditional Effective Mosquito Repellent Long Lasting Mosquito Killing Black Mosquito coil

Biralde - Traditional Effective Mosquito Repellent Long Lasting Mosquito Killing Black Mosquito coil

Caution 1. Need to be stored in dry, cool, ventilated, and rainproof places. 2. Keep away from fire and heat sources. 3. Do not mix with food, drinks, seeds, inflammable and explosive products, feed, and other storage or transportation. 4. Keep out of reach of children. 5. Do not shake violently during use, so as…

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Juzhongwang - Mosquito Repellent Safety Carbon Micro Smoke Black Mosquito Coil

Juzhongwang - Mosquito Repellent Safety Carbon Micro Smoke Black Mosquito Coil

Protect Your Family Different from insecticide spray, mosquito coil is a traditional way to against mosquitoes which is safer long-lasting effective. It could help you and your family get rid of mosquitoes when sleeping. Caution Do not place lit mosquito coils next to flammable material Put it in a ventilation place after lit. Wash hands…

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Swan - Safety Mosquito Killer Mosquito Repellent Stick Incense Stick

Swan - Safety Mosquito Killer Mosquito Repellent Stick Incense Stick

Protect Your House Free From Mosquito A mosquito stick works the same as a mosquito coil, it can kill mosquitoes safely and is long-lasting. Different from mosquito coil, its working time will be more flexible. Each stick could work for about 45 minutes. Application It could be widely used in different places like living rooms,…

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Juzhongwang - New Generation High Effective Non Toxicity Smokeless Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil

Juzhongwang - New Generation High Effective Non Toxicity Smokeless Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil

Application It is a safe mosquito killer and can maintain 10-12 hours effective after lit. It could be used in any place like an office, hotel, car, living room, chicken, meeting room, and so on. Why Choose Our Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil? Original factory supply directly with competitive price, with long term business target, we…

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Wavetide - New Generation Unbreakable Smokeless Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil

Wavetide - New Generation Unbreakable Smokeless Plant Fiber Mosquito Coil

What’s the difference point when compared to black mosquito coil? Compared with the traditional black mosquito coil, this product is made from plant fiber with extraordinary features: ● Unbreakable, due to the peculiarity of firmness of the plant fiber. ● Easily ignited for plant fiber has a low burning point. ● Don't get your hands dirty. Using Guideline  It…

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Top Reviews

Andy L.

Let me begin by clarifying that we do not have unrealistic expectations that this spray, or any spray for that matter, will completely eradicate mosquitoes from our yard. Although I hit one in midair and saw it fall and eventually die, this DOES kill the bugs and some repellents I am also aware that our backyard is accessible to the surrounding community and that skeeters can detect carbon dioxide from us from up to a mile away. Keeping this in mind, skeeters that fly over our fence will still locate us no matter how much we eradicate from within our yard. In conclusion? This performs as intended, so if you don't have any irrational expectations, it ought to function admirably for you as well. Given that we have dogs and grandchildren who spend time in our yard, we appreciate that it is a natural treatment. Furthermore, we think that our bodies should be exposed to as much organic life as possible because pesticides are far more harmful to humans than most people realize or would want to admit. Since the quart we bought is almost gone, we'll be purchasing the gallon jug of this shortly.


Let me first level set the issue with mosquitoes: We are located in a region with a mixed climate, where the climates of the Gulf Coast, Louisiana Swamp, and East Texas Piney Woods Forest collide. Our region has a mixed climate, which means that mosquitoes thrive here as they would in a horror film. We adore this place, however the nasty insects can bleed you to death in a matter of minutes. We had such a mild winter that in December and January we were griping about how awful the insects were! We had to take action, and although we tried a variety of solutions, including foggers and sprays, we really accomplished little more than tossing money at an unsolvable issue. Our 1.2 acres of wooded land. It's a thick forest of wetlands. Because of all the rain, the mosquito population has increased to an unprecedented degree. This year's start has been the wettest on record. They really do sound like they are buzzing in the shadows when you step outside—about ten feet distant. There must be at least 5 or 6 mosquitoes buzzing around the house before you may open a door. The.


The optimal time to use the Skeeter Vac is when the (fine-tuned insect lure/attractant BAIT) is at its freshest. In the evening, when mosquitoes are more active, you might want to take out the BAIT and store it in a zipped baggie if you don't have an issue with them during the day. It is a waste of product to have the bait sit in the machine and dry out when there are no mosquitoes around, and at fifteen dollars apiece, you can see how quickly the cost would mount up. The effectiveness of the bait quickly wanes if you just leave it in the machine; for best results, you should use two to three baits for each tank change. In theory, you could save half on propane and bait refill expenses if you just turned the device off entirely when there are no mosquitoes around. Furthermore, it seems superfluous to have the sticky trap that comes with the device as it only catches flies and other sporadic "beneficial" insects, as well as the occasional bird that is searching for a quick dinner. Propane tanks function optimally when they are fully pressurized and (appears

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