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With over 18+ years as an established deodorant OEM & ODM factory & manufacturer,DREAM FINE leverages decades of technical experience to provide customized manufacturing of household insecticides, air fresheners, detergents and cleaning agents from our advanced Chinese facility staffed by 200 skilled workers and 20 technicians. Our 20, 000 sqm Guangdong factory has extensive capabilities to produce customized solutions tailored to the diverse needs of global customers. We have built a reputation as a trusted factory & manufacturer across 30 countries worldwide owing to our focus on investing in leading technology, attentive after-sales support, continuous R&D and commitment to delivering effective and affordable OEM & ODM solutions worldwide.

People May Ask

What makes deodorant healthy for you?

The main point. Deodorants and antiperspirants both eliminate body odor in various ways. Deodorants make the skin more acidic, which is what odor-causing bacteria want, and antiperspirants lessen sweating. Although there are myths that connect antiperspirants to cancer, research indicates that this is not the case.

Do deodorants hurt skin in any way?

Our bodies' waste is expelled through the sweat glands, and if the waste is not leaving the body, it is unhealthy. Deodorants induce irritation (because to alcohol) and redness, which in turn causes itching and, eventually, a minor browning of the underarm area, according to cosmetologist Dr. Abhijit Desai.

Why does deodorant make my underarms smell worse?

According to research, antiperspirant salts might upset the balance of microorganisms. Aluminum chemicals eliminate the less stinky bacteria, allowing the more pungent bacteria to flourish and produce greater body odor.

How are your armpits thoroughly cleaned?

"You can use water, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda," explains Burnes. Charcoal and ACV: According to Burnes, you can combine the three aforementioned components with some charcoal to absorb even more of the dirt in your armpit pores.

Dove aluminum deodorant: Is it secure?

Deodorants and antiperspirants from Dove are neither secure nor non-toxic. Additionally, some of their items contain aluminum, which is very unacceptable. In actuality, every single one of them-even the ones marked as "fragrance free"-contains perfumes. Hormone disrupting chemicals are frequently found in fragrances.

What deodorant brand is the best?

With sales of 203.9 million dollars that year, Dove was the most popular deodorant brand in the United States. Perspiration is the term used to describe the fluids that are produced by the sweat glands.
Leading deodorant brands in the United States in 2019, according to sales (in million dollars)*
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Which NIVEA deodorant is the best?

Roll On >>>FRESH NATURAL ROLL ON - 50 ML. Roll On >>>PEARL & BEAUTY ROLL-ON. Roll On >>>FRESH NATURAL ROLL ON - 25 ML.Roll on, Protect and Take Care of It.Roll on NIVEA Naturally Good Bio Aloe Vera.CARE & PROTECT ROLL ON.40 ml of NIVEA Deo Milk Sensitive Roll OnRoll on, NIVEA Naturally Good Bio Green Tea.More things...

Why do I smell musty without aluminum deodorant?

The bad news is that [removing the aluminum 'plug'] causes you to start releasing what you had been blocking off, which adds to that fleeting B.O., according to Musavvir. In essence, your body shifts into overdrive, excreting waste, sweating out some aluminum, and yes, smelling awful.

Does using a deodorant without aluminum make you smell musty?

Sometimes, switching to aluminum-free deodorant can make you smell unpleasant for a while.

Which underarm deodorant without aluminum works the best?

Schmidt's promises all-day odor protection and never includes propylene glycol, phthalates, aluminum salts, artificial scent, filler chemicals, or parabens. Major triumphs on all fronts! Tea tree oil is used in this fresh deodorant to battle bacteria and calm sensitive skin.

Deodorant Products

China deodorant manufacturer

Native Sensitive Deodorant: A 3-pack Variety Pack of Natural Deodorant for Men and Women that is Aluminum-Free, Baking Soda-Free, Phthalate-Free, Coconut Oil-Free, and Shea Butter-Free. Mint Cookie, Ginger Lemonade, and Fresh Peach Cupcake.

Wholesale deodorant manufacturer

Extreme Blast Antiperspirant for Men: 48-Hour Sweat and Odor Protection with Original Protection Antiperspirant 2.7 oz, 6 piece pack

deodorant factory

hello Sweet Coconut Deodorant With Shea Butter for Women + Men, Aluminum Free, Baking Soda Free, Parabens Free, 24 Hour Odor Protection, 2.6 Ounce, 2 Pack

China deodorant factory

CRYSTAL Mineral Deodorant Roll-On-Body Deodorant with 24-Hour Odor Protection, Non-Staining and Non-Sticky Deodorant with Chamomile and Green Tea, Aluminium Chloride & Paraben Free, 2.25 FL OZ - 3 Pack

China deodorant supplier

Lume Whole Body Deodorant, 3.0 ounce (Clean Tangerine), Invisible Cream Tube, 72 Hour Odor Control, Aluminum Free, Baking Soda Free, Skin Safe

Wholesale deodorant factory

Lavender & Sage with 24 Hour Odor Protection, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 2.65 Oz, Pack of 2 Schmidt's Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant for Women and Men

Wholesale deodorant

Humble Brands All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick for Men and Women, Lasts All Day, Secure, and Verified Cruelty Free, Moroccan Rose, Pack of 1

Wholesale deodorant supplier

Hoppin' Fresh Ursa Major Natural Deodorant | Non-staining, Aluminum-Free, Formulated for Men and Women | 2.6 Ounces

deodorant manufacturer

Using baking soda, probiotics, coconut oil, shea butter, sea salt, and cedar, Native Deodorant is a natural deodorant for both men and women that is aluminum-free.

China deodorant

Lume Whole Body Deodorant - 3.0 ounce (Lavender Sage) - Invisible Cream Tube - 72 Hour Odor Control - Aluminum Free, Baking Soda Free, Skin Safe

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Top Reviews

Megan J.

Over the past few years, in an attempt to avoid using antiperspirants, I've experimented with a number of deodorants. I quickly discovered that I was allergic to baking soda, which is the primary component in many deodorants that absorbs perspiration. When Native released their "sensitive" line without baking soda, I gave it a try, and I'm glad I did! The main reason I even tried Native in the first place was because I heard on a podcast they sponsored that they had a new sensitive line out. I really liked the other deodorant I was using, but it was a little more expensive and had a softer texture—almost like a lotion—that wiped off too easily. I prefer the traditional deodorant/antiperspirant texture of Native products. It isn't too long-wear because it does wear off at the end of the day. Not that it bothers me, but I thought I'd add that bit. You simply need to reapply. Not that huge. When not, it functions!


I've always had allergies and skin problems. I basically have had recurrent seborrheic dermatitis my entire life. Everything seems to have gotten worse after I hit thirty. I've using Dove deodorant for decades, but after turning 30, it began to irritate my skin, and I developed a mild case of BO (oh, the 30s, why do you hate me?). This led me to search far and wide for a deodorant that doesn't cause irritation. It required a lot of trial and error as well as discussing what to look for with my dermatologist. I discovered Real Purity throughout my investigation, and the rest is history! I have never used a better deodorant than this one! It soothes my skin, is nice to wear, and resolved my minor BO problem. I thought I would give the "health ranger" unscented natural deodorant stick I recently received as a freebie from my mother-in-law, who is a hacker and scam artist (I'm not kidding; search it up). However, it was a terrible decision since it hurt my delicate skin. Just goes to show, persist with something if you find it effective.


I adore this deodorant, and so does my husband. I also use it since there's no better women's deodorant out there. When other brands have gone on sale throughout the years, I've tried them and immediately regretted it. I've since returned to Gillette clear gel. 1) It goes on wet but generally dries on after a short period, so you don't need much. It doesn't leave behind flaky residue, isn't sticky, and doesn't leave stains on clothing. It works best when you don't use much of it. 2) All-day protection: One area where other deodorants fall short is in the middle of the day.My spouse and I both feel refreshed and dry all day after using this item. Additionally, using this item doesn't cause you to feel sweaty in your pits at the end of the day. Indeed, coverage is available all day. 3) It smells nice and subtle. It is nice despite being fairly moderate. It doesn't overpower you with a strong, funky fragrance reminiscent of 1970s dance. More like a strong aftershave. It smells clean, fresh, and pleasant. This is by far the greatest deodorant I have ever found.

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