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Headquartered in Guangdong, leading home fragrance OEM & ODM factory & manufacturerDREAM FINE has over 18+ years of experience delivering tailored solutions from our 20, 000 sqm ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility. With high-volume production lines and a skilled team of 200 workers and 20 technicians, we export a broad range of home fragrance and household chemicals to more than 30 countries globally across regions like South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our long-standing reputation is built on combining attentive customer service, continuous R&D, and stringent quality control to provide effective and affordable products customized to buyer specifications. We pride ourselves on our commitment to leading innovation and consistently exceeding customer expectations worldwide.

People May Ask

What is a decent scent for the house?

15 Best Home Fragrances That Smell Wonderful in Any RoomGold Leaf Home Fragrance Thyme Mi t. ...
Reed Diffuser Ocean Breeze on BergerCube, Mai.Orange Blo yster Home Candle by JO MALONE. Aera Moondance Fragrance.Portable Fireplace Cented Candle by D. & DURGA.Pura Device Bundle in PURACapri Blue.LE LABO Palo Anto Candle, 14 cents.One more thing...

What does home fragrance serve to accomplish?

It can enhance or break a room's mood by adding warmth, creating ambiance, and bringing out the best in the space. Many people think they may choose any fragrance as long as it smells well for themselves, but there are many things to consider before making this choice.

How are home perfumes created?

Baking soda that absorbs odors should be added to a small canning jar halfway. Stir in 10 to 20 drops of your preferred essential oil. I enjoy both the Now Foods brand and the house-brand 365 range from Whole Foods (the trios are a more affordable option).

What kind of house scent is the healthiest?

Stay in the flora realm with herbs, spices, and fruits for natural, nontoxic home fragrance. For a spicy, lovely smell, simmer cinnamon, cloves, and citrus peels in water on the stove. For a potpourri with a delicate aroma, you can dry a variety of fresh herbs including thyme, bay, and sage. Cloves might even keep pests away.

How can I make my home more opulent-looking?

How much do luxurious goods cost?
Citru . Look no further than citru for a lighter, more energetic cent that still satisfies your fancy. PIECES. Pieces provide fragrance profiles depth and complexity, which makes them more complicated and pleasurable.Logs of wood.Candle, detergent, and lotion.

How can I improve the odor in my room over time?

Try these ten tips to give your room a bright, pleasant vibe and enhance the air quality in it.
Decide what the smell is. Clean up your space from top to bottom. Keep your floors spotless. Your windows should be open. Give your animals a bath. Launder your clothes and linens. Clean all the upholstery. Activate the dehumidifier. More things...

How do individuals manage to smell fresh all day?

After a quick shower, call it a day. A body wash, shower gel, or soap bar with fragrance adds a faint trace of new scent. Soaps without extra aroma and unscented body washes also work. To maintain your freshness throughout the day, simply stay in the shower for an additional minute or two after lathering up.

How do I avoid smelling bad all day?

18 Ways to Smell Good Throughout the Day(br)Make Sure You Stay Hydrated.A quick fix for the closet.Keep a Fragranced Sachet in Your Undies Drawer.Give Your Hairbrush a Fragrance.Apply Fragrance to Your Bare Torso....Mix with Your Other Favorite Fragrances.Take a whiff of lightly scented deodorant.Apply Shoe Spray.Other items...•

Which essential oils give your home a wonderful scent?

Apply a room spray or a diffuser. Pleasant and invigorating essential oils are lavender, orange, rose, and geranium. Try patchouli or sandalwood for a cozy atmosphere. Select ylang ylang, sandalwood, lavender, or geranium to help you relax.

How can I maintain a fresh scent in my home without using chemicals?

How to Make Your Home Smell Good: Do It Yourself...
Adding cinnamon sticks, cranberries, rosemary sprigs, and orange slices to a pot of water and boiling for as long as desired is one common method. Try lemon and rosemary, or lime, rosemary, and vanilla, if you want a wonderful spring perfume. That can smell more like Christmas.Apr. 30, 2021

Home Fragrance Products

home fragrance manufacturer

6.7 oz (200 ml) CULTURE & NATURE Reed Diffuser Reed diffuser set that smells of black roses

China home fragrance supplier

MYARO 12-piece long-lasting eucalyptus and peppermint scented sachets for drawers and closets Potpourri bags and fresh scents for air fresheners Lover's Home Fragrance Sachet

Wholesale home fragrance factory

Two-piece set of Enviroscent Non-Toxic Plug-in With one refillable plug hub and one liquidless scent pod, this room and home air freshener kit infused with essential oils features lavender tea and honey.

home fragrance factory

Reed Diffuser for Home | Citrusy Grapefruit, Apple/Ocean Breeze/Sandalwood Oil Reed Diffuser Set & Reed Diffuser Sticks | Home Decor Scent Diffuser | PRISTINE Maldives Villa/Inspired by Marriott Hotel

Wholesale home fragrance

Three-piece Reed Diffuser Set for Oil Diffuser Sticks and Bathroom Air Fresheners with Gardenia Jasmine Lavender Fragrance (1.7 fl oz each pack) 24 Stick Defusers for Home Fragrance | Bedroom Office Shelf Decor

Wholesale home fragrance manufacturer

With hints of zingy citrus, juicy black fig, and floral rose, the Black Velvet Reed Diffuser Set, Luxury Hotel Inspired Home Diffuser, Lasting 4 Month Longevity, 100mL

China home fragrance manufacturer

Mini Scent Capsules for the Aera Mini Home Fragrance Diffuser Sold Separately, Smart Home App Controlled, Alexa Compatibility, Hypoallergenic Scent Technology, Safe for Your Family and Pets

China home fragrance

Oil Diffuser Sticks | Early Summer Gardenia Scent 4.0 fl oz. Flower Reed Diffuser Set for Bathroom Air Fresheners House Bedroom Office Shelf Decor: Home Fragrance with Stick Defusers

China home fragrance factory

PRISTINE Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser White Tea Scent/Reed Stick Oil Refill with 5 Cotton Reed Sticks Himalayan Tea | Fragrance for the Home, Office, Bedroom, Living Room, or Bathroom

Wholesale home fragrance supplier

Mini Scent Capsule Size Aera Mini Beach House Home Fragrance Scent Refill with Notes of Ocean Air and Gardenia for Aera Mini Diffuser

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Top Reviews


I adore having diffusers made of reeds in almost every room of my house. Because the aroma of lavender and eucalyptus is so calming, I keep this in my bedroom. This smell makes me feel as though I've just walked into a posh spa. It has a strong scent, but I adore that about it. It is flawless—not overbearing, nor subtle, but just right. I believe that using three reed sticks gives me the ideal amount of scent balance. The aromas of lavender and eucalyptus are ideal together. I can sometimes smell lavender with a faint scent of eucalyptus, and other times the opposite is true. It smells very good! You can use as much oil as you like because the oil is contained separately from the glass diffuser bottle in this exquisitely crafted product. With three reed sticks, I used half of the bottle, and the product lasted for nearly a month. That seems reasonable to me, and I am currently utilizing the second half, which should last for another month. The small bunch of genuine eucalyptus was wonderful.


I recently purchased a Lemon Leaf air freshener, and I have to tell that it has completely changed the atmosphere in my house. When I initially plugged it in, the perfume was rather strong, but after a day it mellowed out and is now just pretty lovely. I made the decision to try it out in my workplace first, which is a small yet pleasant area measuring roughly 10 by 12 feet. The aroma grows a little stronger because I close the door so frequently, but it's never overpowering, you know? I adore how genuine the Lemon Leaf aroma feels with this air freshener. It's great that everyone in my house seems to enjoy it as well. Additionally, this air freshener doesn't give off the impression of attacking my nostrils in any way, unlike some other ones I've tried. It just has a pleasant, natural vibe. If you're considering giving it a try, I'd highly suggest it. To get a better understanding of how far the scent travels and how long it lasts, try it out first in a larger space. By doing so, you'll be prepared to employ it in various settings.

Morgan Newlove

I'm really happy with this gift package. My only request is that the package included extra dispensers. I'm thinking of purchasing two more. I couldn't decide where to put these two since I was so confused. My two Glade Cashmere Bouquet plug-in dispensers will be placed close to me! Yes, stop prioritizing the comfort of others before your own. Yes, but because both Glade and Air Wyke are fulfilling items, I will also be purchasing more of them. I've been using Air Wyck, and my favorite smell is probably vanilla and lavender. I also have the amazing oil dispensers from Air Wyck. I must admit that, depending on how you set the timing, I can really feel the design of the oil mist that puffs out. I adore anything that contains patchouli oil. Envision almond, patchouli, and lavender. ❤ The cashmere bouquet is worth every penny I spent on keeping my house smelling elegant. [Patchuoli, almond, and lavender] Three oil mist nozzles. In addition, my five Air WYCK plugins are top-notch. I am quite fortunate to have a huge room. I'm not bothered about the rival company

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